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Uganda 250 g

Here is the story of Georges William, farmer from father to son in the region of Mount Rwenzori, in west Uganda. With over 40 years of experience in their farm on these volcanic soil, it enables them to produce exceptional coffees. Only 1’500 SL14 coffee trees are on their lot, raised in high altitude, shadowed by banana trees. It results in a yearly production of a ton of green coffee, harvested between september and november, and with a natural process. Discover with us this coffee with a unique terroir, with tropical notes, a delicate and rich body. It is a perfect expression of a natural processed coffee. His name “Mambo” means “What’s up?” in Swahili.


Origin: Uganda
Region: Mont Rwenzori
City: Kasese
Variety: SL 14
Process: Natural
Cup profile: Rich & smooth. Ripe tropical fruits & papaya finish taste.


Additional information

Weight 250 g
Whole bean or ground

Whole bean, Espresso ground, V60 filter coffee ground, Chemex / AeroPress filter coffee ground, French press ground, Moka pot ground


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