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Mexico 250g


A late evening coffee cup, a summer night, saxophone notes playing, this is how we envisioned our Late Jazz specialty coffee. A subtle blend of our mexican deca, from the Chiapas region, and its respectul mountain water decaffeination, preserving its spicy flavors, balanced by our kenyan Peaberry, and its orange peel and dark chocolate notes. It results in a half decaffeinated blend, ideal for a savory end of day, or if you follow your diner with a jazz concert…

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Origin: Mexico
Roast type: Dark
Best for: Espresso
Cup profile: Sweet Apple, spicy & Raw cacao


Additional information

Weight 250 g
Whole bean or ground

Whole bean, Espresso ground, V60 filter coffee ground, Chemex / AeroPress filter coffee ground, French press ground, Moka pot ground


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