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Peru 250 g


The Chaska (“star” in Quechua) comes from the terroir of Huabal, in the extreme north of Peru, close to the Ecuadorian border. Located at high altitude, between 1350 and 1900 meters, this certified organic coffee is produced from the plantations of 6 small farms, called “cafetales”. Harvested between April and July, this 100% Arabica is a blend of Catimor, Caturra red, Pache and Typica. Prepared in espresso, it reveals notes of marzipan, milk chocolate and spices.

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Origin: Peru
Roast type: Dark
Best for: Espresso
Cup profile: Velvety & balanced taste. Marzipan, milk chocolate and spices flavour.


Additional information

Weight 250 g
Whole bean or ground

Whole bean, Espresso ground, V60 filter coffee ground, Chemex / AeroPress filter coffee ground, French press ground, Moka pot ground


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